Jul 3, 2009

friday smiling

i keep on smiling on this Friday morning.. i dont i know why.. but the most important things.. i am happy with me myself. i am already done for what i am supposed to do. i do respect my self. i believe that Allah did not promise that life will be easy for us.. but HE did promise that HE will always be by our side, as we are in HIS path..dying to get HIS love..Striving hard to showed by HIS mercy.. Allah knows best for us.. =)

"my smile, my life"

today is a miracle Friday. hihi. abah, ummi.. your precious daughter, pai is coming back with brands new of life! Let me decide for my own brights future. by saying yes, it shows that i remain positive and keep on moving to the right path. i should learn from my mistakes, evaluate my abilities, encourage my self to accept and understanding whatever situation is, be patient and able to explore more in this world before facing a long journey..one more thing, i should remain and upgrade to be superb muslimah! this is pai. pai. pai. pai..

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