Sep 24, 2010

how to be an extravaganza mata air

How to be a good girlfriend:

How to treat your Special one well?? Woo.... hehhe those are my skills to win his heart. If you treats him well, your relationship will be meaningful to ur life. Hehhe hope it will be everlasting and will end to the Jinjang pelamin. All of U guys may use it some of them but not all k.otherwise u will be the trouble maker in the relationship.
1. Love him as he is not who is he. Hehe. Example : hehehe biarpun dia bukan Hitric Roshan or Brad Pit; katakan lah “ Sayang paling handsome tau “. Actually he has a hansome heart to me.
2. If he is too Rendah Diri with u, encourage him to be better. In other words topup kelemahan dia dengan kelebihan yang dia ada.
3. Dont highlight his weaknesses. No one is perfect in this world. Give him SWOT analysis. Hahaha. I did. So he will know how to upgrade himself. And one more dont compare him with others. Accept him for who he is.

4. Support him in his carrier. If he is too stress with his work, find any good solution to make him feels stable. Contoh: dont sms while he was too bz. Just send him short sms “ Salam. Happy working my dear”

5. Be Manja with him but not gediks. You can show your love with him by your own style. Take care of him and caring with sincerity. He will open his eyes to u. Keep on smiling to him eventhough u are not preety. Hehehe when u smile u will b pretty tau!
6. Remember! Man loves to be pampered. Yeah.. thats the fact.heheh admit it. Lelaki suka dimanjakan” so u girls should know how to tacle your sweet heart. Maybe depan kawan2 dia, muka cengengeng garang ego sikit, but only in front of u, he will show his love. Haihh, yang ni memang kena sabau---àsaya kenal sayang saya.

7. If you are in the middle of crisis, u still to have treat him
well. Please girls, dont menyumpah2 what giving vulgar words to the one u love most because of mistakes. Still be nice but behave.
If u tak sabar sangat, u diam at the moment. Let the time decide your feelings. Otherwise you can request tempoh bertenang with him okkey, fine!!
8. You have to be honest with your Hero. And Trust your Hero. Dont lie and pretend yea. Hehe insya Allah he will be himself to you.

9. You can be jealous but please dont put any doubt to your love towards him. Heheheh fuh, tempias... what was past is past.hehhe kurangkan mengungkit.( still boleh sikt2, bagi dia ingat)
10. If he loves u, he will bring u to meet his parents and family. So treat them well. If some of them dislike or dis agree with your relationship, just ignore it but still treat them nicely. By the time, people will change perception toward u. All u need to do is be Patient and cool. Remember, jgn burukan any members of his family side. Put respect and love them as well.

11. Sometime, your sweetheart will invite u to hangout with his friends . so join je the club, and dont judge his buddies. But u will figure out who is around with your bf.hehehe if he nak curang pun nnt cepat kantoi.
12. Educate your relationship to the purpose of marriage. In Islam, marriage is hapiness to expand the dignity. So he will prepare to lead you J and prapare duit au kahwin laa..

13. Know your bf well. His Solat and religion. His love to his pa
rents and family. His works. His favorite.his fasion.his passion. All about him. U also have to practice Islamic value with your partnes. Contoh : pergi solat kat masjid sama2.. iftar sama2.. best.. the best things was.. we went to pay zakat together every year. Memories yea!!

14. Spend your precious time with him.go dinner n watch movies. Haa this can strenghten the mutual understanding between u and a can express your opinion regarding the movie.
15. Encourageand support his interest.If dia kaki pancing.. go and accompany him.insya Allah u will can learn something about fishing. and u can learn his character indirectly. If dia suka bowling. Pegi main boling. Hehhe =)

16. Em important part, bring him to meet your parents. Like me, i bring him to the Muslim graveyard because my father had passed away. Hehehe if he tak kekok bersihkan kubur father u, kira ok la..

17. Girls love shopping. He will follow right?but jangan minta benda bukan2 from him. If he can afford it, yes u may. Otherwise biar dia belanja time da kahwin. But smetimes If he ajak u teman pegi mana2 pegi je.. i penah teman dia gunting rambut. I tak kisah sebab dulu selalu teman arwah abah gi guning rabut.
18. Be tolorate. If belanja, jagan bagi semua bf belanja. Sometimes girls also can belanja gf.. nnt da kawin susah.. kena belajar sharing tau..erk.. i makan banyak, so u makan sikit. Hehehhe

19. Share your life with him. Ok like me, i lke like to spent my time at the old folks home n welfare home. Sometimes ask him to go with u. If he willing to do so, he a nice man. Heheh i did before. We went to Rumah Orang Tua Bangau Tanjung. He enjoyed there.. hehe tetiba teringa his word” hee.. kalau orang tgk mesti terkejut.. orang paling jahat kat kampung pergi lawat orang tua kt rumah org tua”

20. Finally, respects your boyfriend. Jangan masa bercinta sahaja kentut bau wangi. And bila gaduh2 terus benci. If u respcts him, he will love u. trust me. But if tiada jodoh, respect him as friend.

So guys..doakan to both of couples to be well protected by Allah, di murangkan rezeki, dipanjangkan umur dan dipertemukan jodoh serta disatukan.aamin. if ade jodoh tak ke mana..

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